Our Story

Just for you know, we get it…

Hi, we are Troy, Gavin and Wendy. And just like you, we have been through times when we are far away from our beloved home. As overseas students, we understand it the most! During that time, we literally cried out of tears. Have you ever felt lonely, miserable, surrounded by strangers and nothing you can do about it? Have you ever missed your friends, your parents, your home and you have to do all the things by yourself? We did! And gotta say it the most difficult time in our lives. But you deserve better.

Where are places in your home that contain the most memories?"

Have to say our kitchens! It’s such an ideal places for families to gather around, don’t you think? It’s the warmth, enjoyment, lovely conversations with our friends, parents, all were created in our kitchens. Not to mention the foods, Uhhh! Nothing holds families together better than high quality dishes and good meals, right?

That’s why we create Pantryside! Established in 2019, Pantryside aims for customers’ satisfaction and strives for improving your life through experiences and memories. A kitchen is a good place to be, almost always the best place in the house.

Our mission…”

Here at Pantryside, our mission is to provide the best kitchenware for your kitchen, turn it into the most ideal place to hang out and prepare high quality meals for you and your families. We try our best to bring the warmth to your kitchen. The warmth of love, the warmth of fire, and the warmth of passion…

Every day, we work hard searching for new and innovative products that improve your kitchen images and cooking experiences. We strive for making cooking process fun, enjoyable and most importantly, last!

Make meals, make moments”

We envision ourselves more than just a kitchenware company. We are passionate about turning your kitchen into the heart of your home and a place to be, bring the coziness, the familiarity of every single kitchen out there, wherever you are. You don’t miss the meals, you miss the moments. And here is a little secret:


"It’s not the meal, it’s the moment that lasts"