10 Tips For Your Lovely Kitchen

1. Be extremely selective about what stays out on your countertops.

Crowded spaces tend to harbor messes more easily than empty ones. Counters that are kept clear offer no place for clutter and dirty dishes to hide. This means everyone in the house might be more likely to put their stuff away.


2. Clean up right after every meal.

Don’t ever make it an option to come back to a dirty table and kitchen after a “break.” Clear the table immediately and set everyone to work until the kitchen is back in order. THEN, you can settle into watch some Netflix.


3. “Shut down” the kitchen every night.

Essentially, this means you never go to bed with a dirty kitchen. Ever. It’s most straightforward to shut down your kitchen as you clean it up after dinner, but sometimes you may make the next day’s lunches after dinner or prepare an evening snack, so take that into account if you need to. Shutting down the kitchen means that all your daily kitchen must-do tasks are completed, including running the dishwasher and emptying the trash, for instance. 

4. Make the refrigerator clean-out a regular task.

Yes, you’ll still have to deep clean your fridge every once in a while, but if you want to maintain a clean kitchen, you’ll need to regularly check for produce that’s going bad and leftovers that need to be tossed. Tying this inventory-taking to your grocery shopping trips will remind you to do it and will also help cut down on wasted food and unnecessary spending. 


5. Rethink what’s in your cabinets.

Overcrowded cabinets are no fun (and a giant time suck if you have to unstack and restack various serving dishes every time you need to get your pots). Go through your cabinets and keep only what you really use and love in your most-accessible cabinets. This way, getting what you need — and putting it back — will be a smoother process.

6. Clean your oven with “less pain, more success.”

Having a tried-and-true, effective, and relatively easy way to clean your oven means you’re less likely to put the task off until it’s a gargantuan chore. Add oven-cleaning to your monthly cleaning routine so you never have to deal with an inordinate buildup of grime. 


7. Give small appliances a once-over every time you use them.

Each time you take something out of the microwave or toaster oven, wipe up any splatters or spilled crumbs. This way, your small appliances are clean every time you go to use them. 


8. Disinfect your sink regularly.

You already know that kitchen sinks can be dirtier than toilets. Don’t let yours be one of them. Use these instructions. A nightly scrub-down and a spritz with a disinfectant spray works, too. 


9. Empty the trash every night.

You know what ruins a clean kitchen every time? A stinky trash can. Don’t let trash sit. Take it out every night (or every other night). If you feel like you’re emptying trash bags that aren’t full enough, consider a smaller trash can.

10. Label your fridge and pantry.

You may know where everything goes, but does everyone else in your household? Help things stay in their place by adding labels to the shelves of your pantry and refrigerator. 

Source: www.thekitchn.com